Kieron Pollard takes a stunning catch, BBL 2016

West Indian all-rounder Kieron Pollard is a genuine all-rounder. He is one of those games who can win you match with bat, ball and even with his fielding. When it comes to taking breathers right at the boundary line, Pollard is the Picasso of this art.

Tonight in the second game of the Big Bash League 2016 between Brisbane Heat and Adelaide Strikers the tall West Indian took a ripper at the boundary line to dismiss Chris Lynn. The Brisbane batter was hitting the ball hard and his wicket was a very important one for the strikers.

Chris Jordan was the bowler here and Lynn was eyeing the leg side. Before this every shot Lynn played was massive. He hit Pollard for a couple of mighty hits straight down the ground. Lynn is known for his hard hitting abilities especially in T20 format. Jordan bowled this one short and slow. It was one of those slow short balls which come at the batsman late. Now most of the time they do tend to mislead the batter. The length gives the impression that this will be fast. But at the end it comes down really slow.

But Lynn was in a spectacular form with the bat. He read the length immediately and waited for the ball to come at him. Now the moment it reached his arc, Lynn swung his bat hard. The ball hit the middle of his bat and went flat to deep mid-wicket where Pollard was stationed. As per commentators Pollard jumped 12 feet in the air to take this catch. The ball was travelling here. It was hit with immense power and only Pollard could have pulled out a catch like this. He is a master in hitting such stints at the boundary line.

Lynn when hit the ball the very next second he was on his way out of the ground. This shows you how much time the ball took to reach Pollard. Lynn knew about the reputation Pollard carries and hence he was pretty much sure that his batting end was right there. It was a stunner by all means and standards. Pollard took the ball and then he pointed out towards his dugout. He was telling them that he is the man who can produce such catch. Adelaide Strikers have taken a big wicket here. Lynn was looking really dangerous with all the shots he had played before this one. Brisbane Heat needed Lynn till the finish. But they will have to make an alternative plan.

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