Being fan of Shahid Afridi becomes a criminal offense in India

Shahid Afridi is a star batsman of Pakistan. Shahid Afridi is a former T20 captain of Pakistan Cricket Team. He serves his country very much. Shahid Afridi is also known as ‘Boom Boom’ for his sixes. He holds the record of most sixes in ODI despite not playing ODI for many years. Shahid Afridi is now only a T20 player. He is retired from Test and ODI. Shahid Afridi is called the ‘King of T20’.

Some months before a Pakistani fan of Virat Kohli was caught in Jail and then Virat Kohli helped him and gets him out of the jail. Virat Kohli is no doubt the star of India and he has a very good heart for his fans. Same is the case here now as a fan in India was caught during a match. The offence of the fan is that he is wearing Shahid Afridi’s named jersey in India. Some people complains against him and Police caught him.

Now if we look into this incident this is something that should have not had happened. Every person is open to his or her choices. This is the basic which democracy tells us. Now India claims itself to be the World’s biggest democracy and yet such incident happens in this part of earth.

This kid is a big Shahid Afridi fan. He likes his batting and bowling style. Now keep this thing in mind that in India and Pakistan cricket is almost like a religion. People are stick to it no matter which field of life they are working in. Hence there will be likeness towards players. If this kid likes Shahid Afridi then it is no crime. There are many Pakistani fans who rate Kohli as the best player of modern times. That does not mean that they should be put behind bars. Even if some of them are wearing his jersey for that matter.

Now this kid will have to spend time in jail and we all know the conditions of jail in the subcontinent. If you are an innocent and you are put behind bars then it means there are strong chances that you will come out as a criminal. It is the strong negative influence which makes these changes within you. Cricket or any other sports should not be influenced by the politics. In India and Pakistan this is the major problem. People don’t express their freedom because they know they will have to face serious consequences for it. This is absolutely bad and against the laws. Everyone in entitled to his or her own opinion.

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