Australia Winning Moments, 1st Test against Pakistan

Pakistan and Australia are playing  a 3 match Test series in Australia. First Day/Night Test match that started on 15 Dec won by Australia by just 39 runs. Australia batted first and made 429 runs in their first innings. In reply Pakistan were all out on just 142 runs. Then Australia batted again and set a target of 490. Pakistan batted brilliantly in their second innings.

Asad shafiq played a fine innings and scores his 10th Ton in Test. He was named Man of the Match for his brilliant performance. Pakistan fought really well in their second innings and gave Australia very tough time. If Pakistan hadn’t lose wickets then Pakistan can win first test match easily.

It was not easy for Australia at all. The fight back from Pakistan should be written with golden pen. They almost clinched the game as losing by 39 runs. Pakistan was chasing 490 runs. The worried expressions on the face of Smith from the last hours on day 4 till the game was over made it evident that he was in hot waters.

Pakistan needed 108 runs on the final day. They have 2 wickets in hand. Asad Shafiq and Yasir Shah made their way into the ground. Gabba has seen record audience for this test match. Asad and Yasir both took the score forward. Again we saw some flashing cuts from the bat of Asad. Then there was Yasir trying his best to coup against the pace of Starc who bowled endlessly. He was just there for Australia all the time. Starc bowled a lot and he bowled with pace as well.

Yasir Shah gave a good hand to Asad just like Amir and Wahab. The fight from the Pakistani tail enders was something that surprised many. Pakistan tail is not known for its batting at all. They don’t even have averages that puts them in some ranking with the bat.

Pakistan lost Asad Shafiq and Yasir in the same over. The two did not fall before hitting a good partnership as well. Asad got a ripper from Starc once again. This was a short and pacey ball that climbed onto Asad. He could not coup with this one at all. The ball hit the edge and went straight to Warner at gully. He would have not spoiled this one in his dreams. Few balls latter Yasir Shah got run out by a brilliance in the field by Australian skipper Smith. Pakistan lost it by just 39 runs. But it was a test match that will be remembered for a very long time.

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