Younis Khan wickets, irresponsible shot, 1st test Australia 2016

Younis Khan after batting so well in the second innings is out. The shot he played has certainly irked Pakistani fans and former Pakistani pace bowler and skipper Waqar Younis. A reverse sweep against a ball that hit the rough area, Younis made a joke out of himself here.

Lyon was not troubling him much and yet Younis went for a shot which is often not recommended in test cricket. The ball was pitched in the rough area outside the off stump and it spun sharply. Younis was absolutely nowhere with this shot. The ball hit the bat and Smith took this one with ease.Now this is something that should have not been associated to Younis but unfortunately it has. Any youngster doing this after scoring with his side in trouble and sweating to save the game could have been justified but with Younis it is not.

He is the senior most player in the Pakistan team at this moment. Him playing such kind of shot is absolutely criminal. He knew the position he and his team was in. the worst part is that Younis knew that the ball was turning a lot from the rough. Lyon bowled a few balls in the rough before and Younis could not time them well enough. He did stretch forward to play at those ball but the amount of spin on the balls clearly made issues for him. Now with all this in mind he went for a reverse sweep.

Unlike Misbah, Younis is not a good player of the reverse sweep. The Pakistani skipper has a very firm hold of this shot. The important part is that every time he plays it he keeps it right to the ground. Younis has always been edgy against such shots. Waqar Younis who was sitting in the commentary box was livid with Younis. He just exploded on the former team mate saying that this was absolutely irresponsible from Younis Khan. He was playing well and should have continued batting.

This is the problem Pakistan faces, the batting. Either they fail or if any of them get settles out he plays a very rough shot at the end. Now Younis could have easily gone on to make more runs. This Gabba wicket now has become a really good wicket to bat on. At the moment there is nothing on the wicket. Pakistani batters are playing really well. Younis Khan Innings could have taken Pakistan forward here. They might have given Australian a lot of fears as well.

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