Younis Khan strange ball leaving incident, 1st test Australia 2016

Pakistani middle order batsman Younis Khan baffled every one when he all of a sudden left the ball unplayed. Maddison bowled this ball and Younis just did not play it at ll. He left the ball and Wade collected it. Poor Mark Nicholas had a big WHAT coming out from his mouth.

It was indeed strange. Something must have interfered Younis Khan’s concentration. It was not any person in front of the sight screen. There was no one present there to give problem to him. It was something else which only Younis could tell. Quite strange from Younis Khan but then again it must have been something. The Australian skipper Smith had his hands in the air seeking out what Younis was trying to do in here. The bowler had a huge smile on his face. The umpire had to signal this one dead ball.

Pakistan having a particularly much better batting session compared to what they had in the first innings. Azhar Ali struck a fifty. Younis himself reached fifty after quite a good number of innings. He has gained his batting form back which is a good sign for Pakistan. But still the batting looks weak from Pakistan. There is no doubt that the UAE pitches has put limits on their batting. The slow and dead rubbers from UAE has made them all more back foot players rather than front foot. This is where they are now struggling.

Pakistan did well against England on swinging tracks. Then in New Zealand they failed. The ball swung there as well but at the same time the pace was much more in the New Zealand tracks and Pakistan could not handle that at all. Now in Australia the same problem comes back again. Here the first game is a day and night and under lights the new pink ball swings. In fact it did swung in the day light as well. Pakistan batsman are not good against swing even Misbah and Younis have been seen struggling.

There is a low chance that Pakistan might save this game. Winning is almost out of question because of the first innings deficit they are fighting against. Pakistan will have to learn all the lessons they are taught by the Aussies. There are two more games after this one and they need to make a comeback. They are a good side. It is not like Pakistan does not know how to handle tough times. Their issue is that their main players are out of form.

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