Amir and Starc fight, 1st Test Australia 2016

Australian pacer M Starc has certainly ignited the Pakistani pace bowler Mohammad Amir. Starc said a few words to Amir at the end of his over and then got a befitting reply as well. Starc was quite astonished to see Amir hitting back at him.

This incident happened at the end of the 92nd over. Starc wanted to hit a yorker and ended up giving a full toss that hit the pads of Amir. Starc then had a few words with Amir and the Pakistani pacer did not keep quiet this time. He hit back at Starc as well.Starc was pretty pumped up and he gave Amir a lot of nightmares right at the start of the innings from Amir. Starc beat a few balls outside the off stump to Amir. On every one of them it looked as if Amir will get a nick on it for sure.

This one was the last ball of the 92nd over. Starc went for a full length yorker and missed it altogether. The ball ended up as a low full toss on the leg side. It hit the pads and Amir was not interested after that. It was Starc who started it. The tall fast bowler had a few words with Amir first. Now unlike the rest of the Pakistani batters Amir did not keep quiet and he was all over Starc. Amir used some really harsh and there is no doubt that Starc was pretty much surprised to see Amir’s reaction.

He put his ear forward to mock Amir but Amir did not notice anything. He just hit back at Starc and then the umpire had a few words with Starc as well. The Aussie was clearly seen justifying his actions and must have put all the blame on Amir. The umpire did not make any conversation with Amir. This showed that he also knew whose fault was it. Pakistan is going well here. This team has made a comeback here against Australia. Though the Aussies have plenty of runs to defend but the way Pakistan has batted in the second innings is alarming for them.

Pakistan has finished day 4 on 382 runs and they have lost 8 wickets. Now Imagine had Younis made a hundred and Sarfraz a fifty. If that would have happened then Australians would have certainly been under pressure for sure. They were lucky that they got a couple of lucky wickets with Azhar getting caught by Wade on the leg side. Younis threw his wicket away and Sarfraz got a beauty from Starc.

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