Warne not happy with Yasir and Pakistan field placement

Former leg spinner Shane Warne was absolutely displeased with the way Pakistan deployed their field setting in second innings. Yasir Shah against left hander was bowling with six fielders on the leg side. Now that absolutely mind boggling.

Warner said that Pakistan has to bowl with an attacking mind set. But here they have deployed defensive tactics. This was wrong as per Shane Warne. He said that the ball is spinning and bouncing and yet the Pakistanis could not take wickets.Yasir Shah was bowling to left hander Usman Khawaja when Warner bashed him for his line and length. It was pretty evident that Yasir was attacking the leg stump of the left hander. Now at the same time he had six men on the leg side field.

Now anyone who has a cricketing brain can judge that this was all too wrong. As a spinner you attack the off stump and some times the middle stump but Yasir being leg spinner was bowling on the leg side which was of absolutely no use.Warne also bashed the mindset of the Pakistani players and the field set they had. He said that with this line and length and the mindset Pakistan bowling and fielding is showing they will not win against any side. He said that you have to attack the Aussies.

Now one interesting point is that Warne did had a session with Yasir Shah at the start of the game and in between. He is guiding him on how to bowl at Brisbane. There is no doubt that bowling on the leg side will never help Yasir and Pakistan. If it was hard to understand for Warner then it was equally hard to understand for a Pakistani fan as well. The bowling from Pakistan which was thought to be a game changer for them was not just there. There was no sense of doing something in it.

Warne said that Pakistan will have to bowl on the off stump. Lure the Aussies into playing shots because leaving the ball or easily managing it on the leg side is very easy for the Australians and it will settle their eyes on the ball as well. Warne was spot on here with his analysis. The defensive mindset might have work for Pakistan in the UAE but in Australia they have to get out of it to change it. They have to play attacking cricket else they will be rattled in this series by the Aussies. Pakistan will have to take fast actions.

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