Sarfraz gets a fifty in Australia, 1st test 2016

Finally a moment of relief for the Pakistan wicket keeper batsman. He has scored his first fifty in Australia and this was a really good innings from the little man. Sarfraz Ahmad scored 59 runs. This is the only fifty after Moin Khan scored in 1999 as Pakistan’s wicket keeper batsman against Australia.

Sarfraz played really well. He attacked the Aussie bowlers and made sure that he did not give them space to attack him back. He was busy in hitting the ball in the gaps and taking down his single and doubles. Sarfraz ran a lot between the wickets as well.

Sarfraz first boundary came down to deep third man. Starc went over the wicket and bowled a good ball outside the off stumps. Sarfraz just showed the ball an angled bat and got his opening account of boundaries. He wanted to something.Sarfraz then swept Lyon with every ounce of power in his body. This ball spun after pitching and Sarfraz sweep was ready to counter it. He hit this one from the middle and the ball raced away to the fence. Sarfraz really played this one well.

After this he played a pedal sweet the off spinner. This time again Sarfraz was in a commanding position. He let the ball come at him and used the pace on this one. The ball hit the bat and raced away to the fence at deep fine leg. The fourth boundary for him was again against Starc. This was a short ball outside the off stump and Sarfraz just cut this one over the infield. The ball hit the middle and went over point fielder. Once it crossed the ring there was no one stopping it from smashing onto the ropes.

Sarfraz then got a very lucky chance. He was dropped by Madison in the deep. This was the typical slog sweep shot from Sarfraz against Bird. The ball did hit the meaty part of the bat but the long boundary became to long for Sarfraz to cover. Maddison was stationed on the leg side for this. He ran to his right and did cover a good distance to reach under the ball but at the last moment he spoiled the catch. The ball hit his hands and then went over to cross the fence. This was a much needed chance for Sarfraz. He deserved a fifty for the way he played today. He soon got to his fifty. Mohammad Amir gave him a good hand with the bat.

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