Misbah ul Haq fantastic catch to dismiss Usman Khawaja, 1st Test 2016

Usman Khawaja is a Pakistani born Australian Player. Usman Khawaja is a very brilliant talent of Australia. He has very good batting technique. In the first match against Paksitan Usman Khawaja failed to score in the first innings. In the second innings Usman Khawaja played beautifully and score his 6th fifty.

Pakistan also bowled well in second innings. They took some early wickets but Khawaja and Smith batted well and had a good partnership. On the bowling of Rahat Ali Misbah ul Haq took a magnificent catch to dismiss Usman Khawaja. It was a stunning catch. Misbah on age of 42 is very fit. Every one was surprised on this catch.Pakistan did get a good bowling session here. The third day is good for them but then again the deficit they are having from the first innings is something which would haunt them in the batting again. The Pakistani bowling is not up to the mark.

They are not attacking the batters on wickets which automatically give the bowlers a lot of confidence. In New Zealand and Australia, bowlers enjoy bowling as the wickets give pace and bounce. But this advantage is not seen with the Pakistani bowlers. The issue is the defensive mind set which Pakistan bowlers are deploying with the field and line and length they are producing. There is a lot of fielders on the leg side. Also the line with which they mostly ball was either on the leg side or way outside the off stump.

Now with this line and length you cannot take wickets. Against Australia that is utterly impossible because they are a quality side. Pakistan did pick up wickets in the second innings but Australia got the runs which they were looking for. Misbah’s brilliance in the field continued as the Pakistani skipper took a stunner to dismiss Khawaja. The ball was flying away from him and yet he managed to hold on to this one. Misbah was fielding at mid-on and Khawaja hit a pull shot to his left.

Misbah ran a few paces and then lean to his left side and pluck this one out. This may have looked easy but in real it is not easy to take such catches. This would have been a certain four had Misbah dropped this one. There was no fielder in the deep on the leg side. Rahat Ali picked up an important wicket here. But Khawaja did his job with the bat. He failed in the first innings but now he has scored 74 runs with the bat. Australia on top here.

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