Alastair Cook debut wicket in Test format

Indian pace bowler Ishant Sharma is the debut and only wicket England test skipper Alastair Cook has taken in his international career so far. Cook took the wicket of Ishant Sharma is a test match played in England a couple of years back.

Cook certainly has zero experience about bowling. The way he ran to the wicket and then bowled showed that he was not even close to being called an average bowler. Ishant Sharma clipped him on the leg side and a faint edge took the ball to the wicket keeper Prior.Cook has not bowled much in his test career. He is the opening batter for England in the longer version of the game now. Also he is leading the English side after Strauss left the job. Cook has one test wicket and that is of Ishant Sharma.

Now just to keep wickets against Alastair Cook the English wicket keeper Prior was standing pretty close to the stumps. He was not that much back like we see the wicket keepers standing while facing pace. Neither was he standing right behind the wickets. He was just a few paces away from the stumps and this was a good take by him. The ball was on the leg side and there was a faint edge on it as well. He had to react quickly to grasp this chance and he did that really well. Cook was delighted.

The English captain took the wicket and he just started running around. He was over the moon and constantly pointing out to someone in the dressing room. Surely someone was there to appreciate this as well. Cook made a history for himself that day. This was 2014 when Indian toured England. Asian sides mostly struggle in England, New Zealand and Australia. Now we see the England side present here in India and the hosts are giving them a real tough time. The spinning wickets are a real test for the Englishmen.

England has already lost the series. They are down and out with the last test being played in Chennai. This might end up on the Indian side as well. The spinning tracks and spinner like Ashwin and Jadeja are giving the English batter their worst nightmares. The ball is turning and bouncing and as a result the England batsmen are facing a lot of issues with their bats. England has this test, ODIs and the T20s left to save some respect against India. If they do win all these then their respect element will remain intact.

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