Marsh series of sixes in 75 runs innings, BBL 2016

Australian all-rounder Mitchell Marsh played the practice game for his BBL side Perth Scorchers and he hit a massive innings of 75 runs. Marsh hit a series of sixes in his innings. There was hardly a run scored in the name of singles, doubles or even fours.

He was just sanding and delivering sixes to the bowlers. The leg spinner from the opposite team was under his wrath most of the time. He was hit for more than 5 sixes by Marsh. In fact four consecutive sixes were hit in one over against him by Marsh.

Marsh was right on the money as he walked into the center. He straight away hit a six to announce his intentions to the opposition. Marsh made sure that he stays in and hits his shots till the end. He did not get out but retired hurt. The first six from Marsh was straight. Now most of his sixes were hit straight and the best thing about them were that majority of them landed outside the ground. The power was behind them no doubt but also there was a strong wind blowing that took the ball long.

Marsha gave himself some room here and picked up the ball straight. The next one was on the leg side. This was a short ball and Marsh just belted it down. There was zero spin on this one from the leg spinner and became easy picking for the Scorchers batter. The next hit was almost the replica of the previous one. Again a short ball and again Marsh middle it perfectly on the leg side. In a practice game he surely was getting a lot of good practice. The bowler was not an experienced one for sure.

He knew nothing about changing his line and length. After being hit on the leg side against shorter balls he started giving Marsh length balls. Now a player like Marsh does not miss out the length balls. He was either standing straight and hitting sixes or was using his feet.

Now one particular shot was just a scoop and it looked as if Marsh was giving a catch to the long on fielder. But this one went out of the ground as well. The modern bat, the power and then the wind all the factors turned this catch into a huge six. Most of the shots landed on the marques placed outside the ground. Marsh after getting 75 went off the field. He wanted to give some practice to his team mates as well.

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