Adam Zampa and Triffitt collision, BBL 2016

The big bash has started as the practice games are on their way between the Australian domestic sides. So far we have seen some really good games being played between all the sides. Some exciting cricket is definitely coming in the upcoming weeks.

The first game for the Sydney Thunders was good but at the same time it almost saw two of their main players getting out injured. It was a miracle that both Adam Zampa and Triffitt escaped from something serious in the name of injuries.

This incident happened when Sydney Thunders were bowling and Maxwell had the ball in his hands. He was operating with the new ball. He floated an orthodox off spinner to the left handed opener. The batsman used his feet to lift the ball over long off. The hit did not come off the middle of the blade. It went high in the air and both Zampa who was stationed at long off and Triffitt from short covers started running towards the ball. Now the ball was coming down at a place where they both had a chance.

This was the reason that both Zampa and Triffitt thought that it was his catch. Now the biggest mistake these two made was not making a call for it. They both were running blindly towards the ball and none of the two called for it. For this one reason we all witnessed a horrific collision between these two Thunder players. It was a miracle that they escaped serious injuries. The collision was pretty nasty and the footages can give the proof of it. At first it was thought that they both might end up getting some fractures.

As for the catch, some say it was taken and then there are a few who don’t feel the same. Zampa did not drop the ball after he caught it. The only issue was that the very next second after completing the catch, he collided with Triffitt. The ball was in his hand but he touched it on the ground as well.

Now definitely the rules would be applied to this take. But one thing is certain that the BBL practice games have already indicated the fire and entertainment the real league will bring to the Australian grounds. The Aussie cricket fans will definitely be thrilled to see all the cricketing contests coming up in a short time. A lot of overseas players have also reached Australia to take part in the Big Bash League this year.

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