Trevor shows his witty side to SA players

The South African Trevor is a character. He was recently seen in the Nelson Mandela cup playing against the South African side. The fun part was when he was batting he gave the crowd all kind of entertainment with his actions.

From dancing with the bowler to forcing the umpire to give a fair ball wide. Then the shots and the way he blew the dust off his bat. They were all some hilarious scenes featuring Trevor and the South African national team players.Trevor is a well known name in the Rugby world in South Africa. He plays for the South African national side as well. This Nelson Mandela cup was an exhibition game to raise funds. The South African national players were more than happy to be a part of it.

Now first we saw Trevor and the South African player getting close to each other. They were staring at each other standing right at each other’s faces. Then all of a sudden the two started stepping back but their backing was not a normal one. They were dancing while moving back and that dance burst everyone into laughs. Even a serious man like Hashim Amla could not stop himself from laughing at it. He was seen laughing while standing in the first slip.

Then on the next ball Trevor missed it outside the off stump. He looked at the umpire and asked for a wide. The umpire told him that the ball was inside the like and Trevor started a funny debate again. The umpire then gave it a wide. Trevor was seen appreciating the second signal from the umpire. This was not the end of it here. On the next ball Trevor hit the ball towards long on and took a single. While he was completing his single he was blowing the dust off his bat. Finally he was able to hit the ball and get some runs.

South African side won the game. Their next big event will be the three match test series against Sri Lanka. The islanders have already arrived in South Africa. Test captain Angelo is back with his side after recovering from his injury. This will be a good series though South Africa are the favorites in it. But the Sri Lankan side is a fighter and their fast bowlers are being coached by none other than Wasim Akram. So this will give them a good hand in the field. The series will start next week.

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