Shahid Afridi powerful hitting in Pakistan domestic T20 match

Shahid Afridi has not played much domestic cricket in Pakistan. Most of the times he either preferred to give himself rest while other times he was busy in playing foreign leagues. Here we see him batting in a domestic T20 game.

Afridi played 18 balls in this match against Peshawar team and smashed a match winning innings of 49 runs. It was unfortunate that he could not get to his fifty. But Afridi surely gave his Karachi side the match. There was a series of sixes and fours hit by Afridi.

Afridi targeted the off spinner Arshad Khan. He straight away used his feet to him and dispatched a huge six over straight over his head. Now Afridi had just arrived to the crease and yet he found no issues in leaving his crease to the bowler.

This was a beautiful hit from Afridi. Naturally after giving the ball flight and getting a six Arshad shortened his length. That was again a mistake made as Afridi knew it as well that he was bound to get a short ball after this. The moment the ball was bowled Afridi went to his back foot and heaved this one on the leg side. The ball hit the middle of his bat again and this time the ball landed into the stands on the leg side. Another powerful hit from the big man.

Umar Gul was brought into the bowling attack to counter Afridi. But the Karachi batter was in no mood to let go any bowler. Against the pace of Gul he was proved out to be an easy bowler to hit. The first hit was a six from Afridi to welcome the fast bowler to the crease

This was a length ball outside the off stump and Afridi hit it straight over the long off fielder. There was no chance for him to lay a hand on the ball. This was a belter from Afridi. The pace from Gul and the power from Afridi was enough to land the ball into the stands. After hitting Gul for a six and few fours Afridi again went after Arshad. He hit a couple of sixes against him over long on. Then there were a few boundaries on the leg side and after that Afridi was finally caught at long on. Arshad finally got his wickets. It was an incredible innings from the Pakistani super star. Arshad got him out but it was too late by then for his side.

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