Sarfraz Ahmed’s Another Funny Video

Pakistan’s wicket keeper batsman Sarfraz Ahmed is a treat to watch in the field. He is a real hard worker. He believes in himself and that is the reason that he is not the captain of the Pakistani T20 side. He is also the vice-captain in the other two formats.

Sarfraz Ahmed is pretty strong mentally. He never takes pressure. In tense situations we have seen him coming out like a champions. He is one of those players who believe in themselves and their game. Sarfraz never backs down.

His fighting nature has made him into a good wicket keeping batsmen. There are many former cricketers who feel that he is the best wicket keeper batsman in the world at this moment. Despite Indian having the likes of MS Dhoni.

Here we see the funny side of Sarfraz. Now he has a witty nature which really is good for him and his team. In international cricket every match is a tough one. To keep the moral high and cooling down the atmosphere inside the dressing room. This really helps.

Sarfraz mostly speaks in Urdu. He is seen talking to his captains, bowlers and fielders in Urdu. Sometimes even unintentionally he is seen speaking Urdu to the foreign players well. This also happened during the first test as well.

Here we see Sarfraz talking to his bowler and boosting his confidence. He was talking to him in Urdu saying that anytime the wicket will come, be ready. He was keeping his blower in the game. This is where he is really good.

Sarfraz made everyone laugh when he tried to stop Bishoo from taking a single. This incident happened in the first test when Bishoo tried to take a single. The ball hit the pads and as a result there was not a single. Sarfraz spoke Urdu to Bishoo in order to stop him.

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