Imran Khan shows Saeed Anwar his angry side

Imran Khan was one of those captains who believed in a fight. He used to lecture his boys just one major thing and that was to fight all the time. There was no other condition for Imran. He never backed down in any condition. Imran Khan was the best of the best. This is the reason that he is still the greatest Pakistani captain in the eyes of the fans. Misbah has more test wins that Imran Khan but still people rate him second to Imran. For them Imran is the ultimate choice as the best captain.

Imran Khan was the leader of the Pakistan team in world cup 1992. They were ranked as the weakest side in the event and at the end Imran was standing with the crystal cup. Imran Khan and his men fought really well in the event. Here we see Imran Khan showing his rough side to his team mate Saeed Anwar. Saeed dropped a simple catch and Imran did not like it at all. It was an ODI game in Australian against the hosts. Dean Jones was the batsman.

This ball was a flighted off spinner and Jones went for a big hit. The ball did not come off the middle of his bat. The ball went aerial and Saeed went under it. This was an easy chance for Saeed Anwar. He came under the ball and then spoiled the chance.

Imran Khan was livid with Saeed Anwar. He immediately changed the position for Saeed Anwar. He asked him to get inside the circle. Saeed was already down after dropping the catch and then Imran anger made him more. He did not intend to drop this one but somehow he could not take this one. Imran Khan was not in favor of spoiling down such easy catches.

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