Imran Khan furious with Saeed Anwar

Imran Khan is the king of cricket in Pakistan. Despite retiring from international cricket a long time ago, he is still the face of cricket in Pakistan. Imran Khan was known as the lion of Lahore. Pakistan cricket is incomplete with Imran Khan.

He was the best captain Pakistan had. Despite Misbah leaving him behind in the most number of test wins still there is a huge number of cricket fans who rank Imran as the best Pakistani captain. Misbah is second to him for all these fans. Imran was a fighter. He never let himself down and his team. In under severe pressure and conditions, he led his side really well. He gave Pakistan some great victories. Imran and his side were really good in Australia as well.

Imran here is seen showing his well-known anger to Saeed Anwar. This was an ODI game played in Australia. Dean Jones was the batsman. The bowler bowled a flighted off spinner. Jones went for a slog sweep on the leg side.The ball hit the bat and went aerial on the leg side. Now the shot did not come off the middle of the bat. Saeed Anwar was the fielding on the leg side. The ball came to him and somehow he just fumbled it.

This was not a hard take to make. But Saeed foiled it and Imran was livid with him. He immediately changed his fielding position. This was an important moment of the match and dropping a catch in that moment was crucial. The way Imran reacted, Saeed clearly got more nervous. Imran was known to be a pretty straight forward cricketer. Even now he is still the same. He likes something he will tell it. If not then again he will say it on your face.

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