Faulkner blasts Ishant Sharma in front of Indian crowd

James Faulkner needs no introduction to the international cricket. This Australian all-rounder is one of the best in the business. He is really good with the ball and handy with the bat. He has won Australia a lot of games with the ball and bat.

Here we see James Faulkner giving Australia a memorable win in India. It was an ODI game. The match reached the final overs. Australian needed a good number of runs with limited ball left. Ishant Sharma was brought into the attack.

Faulkner was facing him he hit the first ball of the over for a four. This was short and wide outside the off stump. Faulkner swung his bat and hit the ball purposefully over the infield. There was no fielder present in the deep to stop the ball hitting the fence.

The next ball was again short. This time Faulkner dispatched this one over the leg side. The ball was timed perfectly and this one hit the stands. The first six of the over came towards the deep mid-wicket courtesy to this pull.     Ishant Sharma then changed his line and length on the next one. He hit this one fuller and straight. But by that time Faulkner was full of confidence. He hit the ball in the line and this one went over long off for another six.

The next ball was hit over deep backward square leg for the third six of the over. Again a short ball without much pace and again Faulkner hit it with ease. The last six was a flat one from the Australia. He hit this one again on the leg side. Sharma could only watch the Australian after hitting him for runs. Australian won the game at the end. This one over changed the whole context of the game. Dhoni was not pleased with his fast bowler.

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