“Abhi Out Hoga” Sarfraz Ahmed Another Funny Video

Sarfraz Ahmed the Pakistani wicket keeper is a great talent. He has been playing consistently well for the past man years now. He is a permanent member of the Pakistan cricket team. He has cemented his place through hard work and performances.

Sarfraz has a pretty witty nature. This is something which most of the Pakistani players have common in them. They have a great sense of humor. This is good for them all. They tend to play a lot of tough cricket every year. There is always pressure around them and hence to ease the atmosphere inside the dressing room, this humor helps a lot. Sarfraz in fact in the games usually could not stop himself from talking. Now his native language is Urdu so those sudden lines mostly come out in Urdu.

This is also a thing unknown to the foreign players. They could only understand in English while Sarfraz gives tips in Urdu. This also puts the batsmen under doubt about the ball coming in next. Here we see Sarfraz talking to his bowler in Urdu.

This was an ODI game between Pakistan and Zimbabwe. Sarfraz was standing behind the stumps and talking to his bowler. Now the stumps mic was throwing each word of his in the air. Sarfraz was saying in Urdu that that batsman will throw his wicket, be ready.

This is not the only time we have seen him doing this. In the last test match he unintentionally asked Bishoo not to take a run as Holder padded this one. The most interesting part was that he was talking in Urdu. The commentators really enjoyed his stint. Ramiz Raja and Ian Bishop cracked up on this one. They really laughed hard on this one.

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