Junaid sinks South Africa in final over

This was the second game of the three match ODI series between the hosts South Africa and visitors Pakistan. now, Pakistan was already one match up against South Africa and hence the proteas were trying their best to take the second game.

They ‘re in a comfortable position while chasing the total put up by Pakistan. they had wickets in hands and hence for many of the fans the series was equal before the match even finished. Then in the final two over Pakistani bowlers turned everything upside down.

Ajmal and Junaid snatched away a certain victory from the hands of the South African team. this was a brutal bowling performance for the South Africans. They were hardly expecting all this but they had to see it. it was an amazing bowling performance from Ajmal and Junaid.South Africa needed 11 runs in the final 2 overs. Ajmal bowled the first and he gave 2 runs and also took out Amla who was the settled batsmen. Amla missed his hundred fell in the 90s and the team got in trouble after that.

Junaid then bowled the last over and his was absolutely brilliant. There were Yorkers and Yorkers. One bad ball was bowled I that over from Junaid and he got a wicket on it. Junaid was lucky and very much lucky. The luck factor was with Pakistan side.

Junaid saved those 9 runs just like he saved 7 runs for Lancashire. In that T20 game, he bowled 6 yorkers I the final over. He took the game away from his opponents. Here he did the same job. It was not easy for Junaid but he made sure that he sticks to his plans and gave Pakistan a historical moment. they became the first Asian team to have defeated Saffers in their home soil for the very first time. that was truly amazing.

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