Sammy sacking results in empty stands at St. Lucia

This was not expected and now once again the West Indies cricket board has made a fool out of themselves here. Empty stands with absolutely zero audiences inside West Indies, call that something out of the blue.The sacking of West Indian T20 captain Darren Sammy, who is also from St. Lucia has made people angry and this is their first threat as they all have boycotted the second test. This is the reason there is no audience present at St. Lucia stadium.

As per the fans, the sacking was totally biased and irrational. Sammy was faultless and the things he said about the West Indies cricket board are all true.they have made seres of poor decisions in the past and they have destroyed the West Indies cricket.Sammy was the hero for West Indies, he led his side in the T20 world cup and emerged as the winners for the second time. it was his way of answering all the controversies generated by the West Indies cricket board.

Now West Indies chief selector made a 30-second call to Sammy and told him that he is no more te leader if the side and that was it. this is not the way to treat a national hero who has done so well for his side. this is absolutely not the right way.

This also shows us the unity amongst the St. Lucia people. one call for the boycott and you can see not a single human head in the stands. They united for the local hero and will remain united until any improvement has not been made. This is how heroes are respected. West Indies people love their cricket and we all know that. St. Lucia proved that the love for cricket and cricketers has made them united against the board.

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