Kamran Akmal superb 60 runs, Shpageeza T20 league

Another day in the Shpageeza t20 league and another fifty to Pakistani players. After Salma Butt, it is Kamran Akmal who has hit the ball hard and long and got to a blazing half century in no time. the Pakistani players are showing heir presence here.

There is a pool of Pakistani players who are present in Afghanistan for this league. They were invited to be a part of this league by the Afghanistan cricket board and all the players accepted the offer and now they are playing Shpageena t20 league for 6 different teams.

Kamran Akmal was absolutely matchless in the match. He way he tied the all clearly showed that he was well in practice and was having some really good batting form these days. there was not a single edgy shot seen being played by him.

Everything that was bowled at him was hit from the middle of his bat. Kamran Akmal drove the ball with exclusive timing on the off side. his pulls and hooks were of great power on the leg side. he found the gaps perfectly.This was the reason that his innings had a lot of boundaries. Against the fast bowler, he most attacked them square of the wicket on both sides. Against the spinners, he mostly went straight or cut them on the off side.

His pull played near to his fifty was the best shit or call it the second best. The ball was short in length and Kamran quickly managed to roll onto his back foot and hammered the ball on the leg side. this was a perfect pull shot.His cut against the left arm spinner was exclusive as well. there was a tight gap present in between short third man and point and he bisected that gap perfectly. Once the ball hit his bat there was nothing stopping it from going to the fence.

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