Cricket fans boycotted St. Lucia test

There you go, it is for the very first time that we have seen a completely empty stadium of St. Lucia despite a test match being played between host West Indies and India. One can argue here that it is because of the format but no it is not because of this.

A few days back Darren Sammy the local boy and a hero for West Indies cricket were sacked from his position as the West Indies T20 captain. Sammy was the influence which led his side to stun rest of the world in the last T20 world cup.

The sacking of the local hero has stirred rage within the St. Lucia cricket fans and they have boycotted the ongoing test match between India and West Indies. This is one cricket crazy nation, the West Indians and they are known to be present in any format of cricket.The first test had a very decent audience but here at Sr. Lucia there are empty seats everywhere. The sacking of Sammy has put the West Indies cricket board in the oven. The board has been widely criticized by all the cricket fans.

There is no rational reason behind the sacking of Sammy. He pointed out towards the problems on the board and wanted them to be rectified. There is nothing wrong in it. but the board members took it personally and they have for Sammy.Carlos Brathwaite the hero from World T20 finals for the West Indies has been named as the new leader of the side. Now this is not good for the West Indies cricket and this has been happening for so many years now.

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